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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Courtesy of Baseball Primer, a site that all baseball fans ought to know about, here's an article from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about a Pirates player hitting a racing sausage with a baseball bat. Let me explain, I guess. In Milwaukee, to entertain the legions of fans that flock to each night's game, people dressed as sausages race around the field in between innings. Pirates first baseman Randall Simon, perhaps not realizing that these were people dressed as sausages, and not actual racing sausages themselves, hit one of the sausages with a baseball bat. Oops. He was led away from the park in handcuffs. (Hence, this is law related.) If I was Simon's lawyer, after thanking the spirits for giving me a wealthy client who has done a stupid thing that will eat up lots of hours of billable time, I'd perhaps think about basing a defense on Simon being Kosher, and not approving of sausage in any form, on a plate, or running around a field. Or not.