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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

"Curvin' GPA" (to the tune of "Surfin' USA" by the Beach Boys) (and apparently now also by Aaron Carter, but I'll pretend I didn't just learn that when doing a Yahoo search for the lyrics) (and I apologize that the title is probably better than the rest of my lyrics)

If every final had an answer
That looked about the same
And every test was graded blindly
They couldn't see the name
You'd find it's hard to make distinctions
The differences so gray
But still you're stuck within the system
Curvin' GPA

You thought you probably were ready
The test was no surprise
But when you opened up the grade sheet
You couldn't believe your eyes
The letter's looking awfully curvy
But what is left to say
How do they sort among the pile
Curvin' GPA

One final seemed pretty hard
But that's what they all thought
And when the answers all are lousy
No one learned what was taught
So you thought it was a disaster
All you could do was pray
You ended up with something lovely
Curvin' GPA

Property and Contracts
And Evidence and Torts
Civil Procedure, Legal Writing
Federal District Courts
Collect the report cards
And then go out and play
What can you do when it's all numbers
Curvin' GPA

Everybody's been curvin'
Curvin' GPA

Everybody's been curvin'
Curvin' GPA