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Monday, July 07, 2003

Follow-up thought to my last post (below) -- some things it might be WORTH worrying about if you're an incoming 1L, as opposed to worrying about what a tort is, and when the UCC applies to contract situations:

1. Do I have a place to live?
2. Do I have clothing to match the climate of my school?
3. Am I taking too much crap with me that I'm not going to use or need, and that I'll just have to lug back home with me at the end of the year?
4. If in a dorm -- do I have flip-flops for the communal bathroom that will prevent me from getting a fungal disease on my feet?
5. Does my computer boot up with error-free consistency or is it going to crash during an exam?
6. Do I have enough money to buy textbooks?
7. Do I have enough strength to carry textbooks?
8. Does my breath smell bad enough that no one will want to be my friend?
9. Have I gotten the most of my current health insurance before switching over to the meager university plan -- make your dental / vision / urology appointments now before it's too late!
10. Have I gotten any lingering addictions under control so they're not a problem at school?
11. Is my future roommate learning how to play the oboe this summer?
12. Do I own a toilet plunger?
13. Have I figured out some easy and quick breakfasts to grab on those mornings when I'm running late but can't imagine sitting in class for 90 minutes on an empty stomach?
14. Do I have a good starter set of highlighters?
15. Do I have access to a printer that will be available whenever I need to print stuff?
16. Does the cable TV package at school include the Food Network?
17. Where did I put the remote control for the stereo I'm taking to school?
18. If I have a car, do I know where I'm parking it?
19. If I don't have a car, do I know someone who does?
20. Am I sure I sent in that deposit check???