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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Haiku poems about dorm rooms

The heat just came on
The first time it ever worked
It is summertime

A smell in the hall
Not food but sort of like food
It's leftover food

Hear that awful noise?
I wonder what it could be
The guy next door snores

Look in the toilet
No, look closer, look closer
Ha. I made you look.

Look in the shower
A rat peeking from the drain
But at least he's clean

Forgot my sandals
Is this really a big deal?
My foot's infected

Trying to study
But someone is having fun
Stop having fun please

4 in the morning
But it's very hard to tell
They're all still awake

My alarm clock rings?
No, it is my neighbor's clock
But I can hear it

There are no windows
The brochure did not say that
They think lying's fun