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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

I know I've read something about this before, perhaps on Waddling Thunder's weblog a long while back, but nevertheless -- one of the stops on the DC metro line I take to work is called "Judiciary Square." Yet none of the "conductors" (the people who announce the stops) seem at all able to pronounce it properly. And it's never the same twice.

Among the variations I've heard:

Judishooary Square
Judisharary Square
J'dasharooney Square
Dupont Circle
Federal Triangle
Pentagon Octagon

Actually, come to think of it, the DC metro is pretty well-covered when it comes to stops named after polygons.

The other funny DC metro thing that's happened is that a train got stuck at one of the poorer-named stops, "Foggy Bottom." Leading to the following announcements:

"There's a train lodged in Foggy Bottom."
"We'll be moving shortly, after they get the train unstuck from Foggy Bottom."
"There's a backup in Foggy Bottom. We'll be moving as soon as we can."
"There's a line of trains waiting to get up into Foggy Bottom."
"We apologize for the odor in Foggy Bottom. That train was stuck there an awful long time." (Okay, they didn't really say that one.)