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Thursday, July 17, 2003

I went to get a sandwich for lunch, just at a take-out sandwich place, no big deal, and the woman on line in front of me ordered 3 sandwiches, I guess for her whole office or something. She gets to the cashier, the cashier asks her what she got, and she tells them only one of the three sandwiches. She pays them $5. Then they give her her bag, with three sandwiches.

And they say there's no such thing as a free lunch. What's especially devious is that this woman isn't just getting free sandwiches -- she'll go back to work and give the food to her co-workers, and they'll pay her. So she's getting free money.

Ten Really Terrible 10-Second Law Firm Interview Answers To The Question, "How Do You Like Law School?"
1. "I don't. At all."
2. "Except for my awful grades, it's been great."
3. "It's been surprisingly good, given that I'm one of the stupidest people in the class."
4. "Oh, I wouldn't really know. I hardly ever go to class."
5. "I like law school so much I never, ever, ever want to leave."
6. "It's been great for helping me figure out how to get away with crimes I've committed, or am planning to commit in the future, especially in the office of whatever law firm hires me."
7. "Excuse me? I don't think that's an appropriate question and I'm going to have to report this as an incident of sexual harassment."
8. "It's made me really hate the law and dismiss any notion of actually practicing law anytime in the future."
9. "I like everything about it except how the loans I'm taking out will force me to take a job I will be sure to dislike so much that I sabotage the firm I'm working for and cause them endless grief and trouble."
10. "I'd been liking it just fine, until this interview started and you began talking."