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Friday, July 25, 2003

I went to a law firm recruiting reception tonight, held at the firm's gorgeous offices overlooking one of Washington's most beautiful structures. I'm trying not to give the name of the firm away, so I'll be somewhat coy about what it's overlooking. It was very nice. Nice hors d'oeuvres, nice people, beautiful building, magnificent terrace, gorgeous view. Met some people in my law school class I didn't know before, and that was very nice. Met some lawyers at this firm, who seemed as pleasant as any other lawyers I've ever met. Noticed as we saw one guy's office that there weren't people still there working Friday night at 8:30. From all accounts, it seemed like the people there really get along, really enjoy being with each other, don't take their work overly seriously, all look intelligent and pleasant, enjoy their jobs, have a work-life balance, all that good stuff. I've written before about how I think it's probably a good idea for me to work at a firm next summer, so I can make an informed decision about what I want to do in the long-term, and so I can see what life at a firm is really like and not just make assumptions based on what you hear. And if I wanted to work in Washington next summer, which I probably don't (I think it'll be New York -- or at least I hope it will, depending on the results of my interviews in the fall), this firm did everything to impress me and nothing to turn me away. I did not so much like the mini sausage pockets. But that alone will not turn me away. Some might have preferred Coke products over Pepsi products. But that ought not turn people away. Some people may have wished the office overlooked a different beautiful Washington structure. But they were doing pretty nicely as it is.