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Sunday, July 20, 2003

Just saw a commercial for "Who Wants To Marry My Dad?" a new reality show that takes over the "Meet My Folks" time slot. And they just keep coming. Finding true love. Variations on this theme have spawned, what, two dozen, three dozen reality shows? There's the "dating" set -- Love Connection, Blind Date, Love Cruise, Dismissed; the "pick from a bunch of suitors" set -- Bachelor, Joe Millionaire, Mr. Personality, For Love or Money; the "lots of people on a beach" set -- Temptation Island, Paradise Island; and the "stuff involving parents" set -- Meet My Folks and now Who Wants To Marry My Dad. Animal Planet should have Who Wants To Marry My Dog, the Bestiality Network: Who Wants To Marry My Horse, and, well, probably Fox will have "Who Wants To Marry My Deformed and Awfully Unpleasant Mutant Goat-Child For The Chance To Be On National TV?"

In more law-related pop-culture news, I saw Legally Blonde 2 today. A few inconsistencies in the otherwise true-to-life film: (1) Harvard Law School classrooms don't really look like that, (2) Harvard Law School professors wouldn't be interested in something as mundane as the Red Sox, and (3) it is virtually inconceivable that Elle Woods could have graduated from law school and not have some clue that sometimes lawyers don't do the "right" thing, especially if they have paying clients whose best interests lie elsewhere. Other than that, not a single bit of fiction in the movie. Except for maybe the part where, as a new staffer, she gets to talk in front of the whole Congress. Maybe. And don't worry, I really haven't spoiled anything for you here. Really, I promise.