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Monday, July 14, 2003

Like my colleague Waddling Thunder, I (finally) got my spring grades today. Like him, they're fine. I'm still a law student. :) Like last semester, my prime complaint is that they mail them in such a thin envelope that before I open it, I know what it says. So there's no way to make any ritual about it -- plus it's kind of annoying that probably at least one of the half-dozen postal employees who probably touched the envelope along its journey happened to catch a glimpse of the grades before I did.

My one observation of semi-consequence (but, then again, small sample size renders this point pretty much irrelevant) is that I was able to predict my grades with pretty solid accuracy (one grade differed by a third of a letter, but the other two were spot-on), so, at least for me, this semester, they don't feel particularly random or arbitrary. But that could just be coincidence -- and who's to say my guesses were really anything more than random or arbitrary.

But enough about grades.

On Saturday, I posted about a hypothetical $1000 law school shopping spree and asked people to e-mail with their suggestions. A weblog-record 3 (!) people e-mailed me their thoughts (that's not really a record. I'm being sarcastic.). And two of them (or "two of you," if you're the ones reading this), suggested an iPod. $300 to move all of your music to a little travel thing you can use to ignore the world around you and/or avoid disturbing people who wish you wouldn't play your music so loud in the library. One suggestion for 300-thread-count sheets (to go with the comfortable pillows I suggested). Earplugs, concert tickets, eating out in nice restaurants, and alcohol were the other suggestions, all by Andrew Raff over at Brooklyn Law School, whose weblog I want to plug. If you hate e-mail spam, but like Radiohead, you'll enjoy reading. It's good stuff.

I had a fleeting thought as I received all three of these e-mails that I wonder if just about everyone who reads my weblog is someone with a weblog of his or her own, and that in fact the only people who read any of these weblogs are other people with weblogs, and we're all just amusing each other, with no influence at all in the world beyond our circle of weblogs. Eh, even if that's the case, I'm still cool with it. An audience of fellow webloggers is still an audience. (And a fine audience at that...)