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Sunday, July 20, 2003

"Mesothelioma" (to the tune of Smokey Robinson's "I Second That Emotion")

Maybe you live inside a building old
And some of the walls are teeming full of mold
Maybe some tiles are falling down in chunks
Releasing asbestos fibers -- right into your lungs

Oh plaintiff now, get thee to a lawyer quick
And learn how to start looking sick
Oh, if you feel like being rich
I've got a name to show ya
Oh, mesothelioma
Oh, if you feel like giving me
A great big fat contingency
Oh, mesothelioma

Maybe you want to open up your heart
To let asbestos fibers in to start
Maybe you think that you can't play this game
That you don't want a disease with such a scary long name


Maybe you want to help me buy a plane
Maybe you want one more disease to feign
Maybe you want a join this class action suit
And share in all the corporation's easily-won loot


Well, if you feel like giving me
A great big fat contingent fee...
Oh, mesothelioma