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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

New day, new city. Splitting my summer between two jobs. Was in New York. Am now in DC. And it is hot here. I have a 10-minute walk from where I get off the metro to get to my office. And I was soaking wet. And couldn't figure out how the buzzer on the outside of the door worked, but that's besides the point. I eventually got in, and got settled, and got a key card for tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun.

Baseball's All-Star Game last night made me think of a cool law-related idea for a reality TV show (on Court TV, I guess). Lawyer Showdown. Basically a professional's version of moot court. You get two superstar lawyers (the superstars part is what came out of the All-Star Game -- I realize as I type this that there's very litttle connection here to the All-Star Game. But I will not be deterred) and assign them to argue for and against some legal thing -- liability of McDonalds for obesity cases, pain and suffering limitations, OJ Simpson's guilt or innocence -- and have a panel of C-list celebrities, or, in the alternative, a studio audience, pick the winner. Winner gets some obscene amount of money to make it all worthwhile, Court TV gets a cult hit. Or maybe not.

OK, now a song parody.

"Our Lawyer's Here To Stay" (to the tune of George Gershwin's "Our Love Is Here To Stay")

It's very clear, our lawyer's here to stay
Not for a year, but forever and a day
He signed a contract, for a salary, that will make his lifestyle rise
To where he can't afford to, say his firm goodbyes

Oh, partner, dear, our lawyer's here to stay
Together we're billing a long, long day
In time his marriage may crumble
His happiness tumble
As he grows old and gray
But our lawyer's here to stay

Oh, partner, dear, our lawyer's here to stay
The takeout meals, will add to the pounds he'll weigh
As he grows bitter and lonely
We will be the only
He's never gonna stray
Oh, our lawyer's here to stay
Our lawyer's here to stay