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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Waddling Thunder takes me to task for taking him to task about being upset he didn't make law review. And he's right. I didn't mean to say ambition's bad, and that it's bad to care about stuff like making law review, or a businessman with lots caring about making his next million dollars, or Barry Bonds caring about hitting yet another home run. He wouldn't be in law school if he hadn't cared about stuff like that all along. And just because the prestigious law-related accomplishments people can attain aren't what drive me personally, it's not fair for me to say they shouldn't drive anyone. And, really, it makes a lot more sense for people to be driven by that stuff, given that we're in law school, than to be driven by stuff like whether people like my writing and think it's funny. So I take it back, and in fact I think it's probably good that cares -- if I'm hiring a lawyer, I want him to care that he didn't make law review, and strive in his professional career to show that he should have. It probably makes for a better lawyer.