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Monday, August 11, 2003

An acrostic poem about a law firm interview.

S is for the suit that cost me way too much to buy
U is for the underwear that, trust me, matches the suit
M is for the mutual fund I could invest in after a summer's earnings
M is for the mailed tuition bill that reminds me the mutual fund thing won't be happening
E is for the estate tax; just some advance planning
R is for the resume that has no typos. Except the one I haven't found yet.

A is for the answers to the interview questions that you ask me
S is for the shoes that match the suit
S is for the socks that match the shoes that match the suit
O is for the organizations I joined just to impress you
C is for the cufflinks I couldn't afford to buy to match the suit
I is for the interview itself
A is for the ascot. I don't know what an ascot is.
T is for the tie that matches the socks that match the shoes that match the suit
E is for the elevator that got stuck on the way to the interview and made me miss it. Oops.