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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Got an e-mail today telling us about a new online biographical information system that we should use to update our address/phone/etc. So I just did. And one of the instructions on the online form (I swear this is real) is:

"If you wish to change your ethnicity information, please fill in a Change of Ethnicity Form at the Registrar's Office, Griswold 100."

There's a "Change of Ethnicity Form." Wow. Besides Michael Jackson, who would possibly need this form? "Well, over summer vacation, I decided I'm black" is a great conversation starter -- but did they really have a need for this form? Were they overwhelmed by requests for people's ethnicities on file to be changed that they felt they had to create this form and publicize its existence for us, tell us where it can be found....

Of course, like we can't get our grades online, apparently we can't change our ethnicity online either....

[Random unrelated--but probably grotesquely offensive--thought I just want to post before I forget it and it disappears into the ether: one of my friends is working for a magazine that's having him write a story about plays coming out that are related to September 11th. A line you probably won't see in the article: "'s expected that some of these 9/11-related plays will take flight, but some will unfortunately crash and burn...." [...I can hear the sound of readers clicking to go elsewhere...]