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Monday, August 18, 2003

Harvard sent us an e-mail today regarding their recent installation of "Spam Assassin" on their mail servers, which will flag Spam as such, and allow us to filter is out. All sounds fine -- except I was a bit disheartened by one of the FAQs on the website they referred us to:

"Will messages from Harvard groups be labeled as Spam?"

"No. Any message which comes from an account with “” in the address is “white listed” and will not be labeled as Spam."

Well, that decreases its usefulness, because, actually, Harvard groups send me the bulk of the spam I get. :)

(I can't really blame them -- I signed up for most of the organizations that bombard me with mail -- didn't sign up for Career Services, but some of that is kind of useful; but I only have myself to blame for most of the other stuff. "Event in six weeks! Mark your calendars!" Right.)