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Friday, August 29, 2003

I kind of wish there was 2L orientation. It's a little boring without any library tours to take. Also would give me more stuff to write about. Occasionally, as I pass a group of Harvard 1Ls walking around on campus, I get a tad misty-eyed. Part of me also wonders how many Harvard 1Ls have stumbled across this and read it, but I expect the answer's probably pretty low. I'd guess about a dozen. I dunno. If any of them are reading this and have any funny orientation stories, I'm all ears.

10 things the law school's groundskeeping and construction crews have done over the summer (and maybe your school did this stuff too!):

1. They transformed a couple of crappy classrooms into gorgeous new ones, just in time for me not to have any classes there anymore.
2. They magically made the patches of dead brown grass return to life.
3. They erected a big ugly tent in the middle of the courtyard.
4. They put up lots of signs telling you which building you're standing in front of.
5. The new "plaza" in front of the student center that definitely wasn't there before, and actually looks pretty nice.
6. They killed the law school hobos and swept them away.
7. Police tape, in lots of unusual locations.
8. Extra golf carts and construction vehicles motoring down student walkways without any sort of horn or other warning sounds.
9. New font on the sign outside the cafeteria telling us what the meal is.
10. No more final exams.

I'm kidding about that last one.