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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Ten things 2Ls and 3Ls might say that 1Ls should be skeptical of:

1. "No, no, you're not allowed to use the bathrooms. They're for 2Ls and 3Ls only."

2. "Professors like it when you interrupt them without raising your hand. They also like it when you play with the microphones while they're talking, and when you don't do the reading."

3. "Here's a little secret they don't tell you about. Each class has a surprise midterm exam. At some point during the semester, you'll walk into class and the professor will spring a test on all of you. But they never say anything about it, and you're not supposed to talk to your classmates about it. Just keep up on your studying and be ready for it."

4. "You didn't know classroom attire was business formal?"

5. "No, no, looking for a summer job isn't really necessary. Firms come to campus very late in the spring looking for 1Ls. It's impossible NOT to find a firm job 1L year. And they pay 1Ls more than 2Ls for the summer. Betcha didn't know that, right?"

6. "Buy all the study guides you want. The bookstore is happy to take them back, even after they've been opened and written in, photocopied, torn, and shredded."

7. "Everyone loves a gunner!"

8. "I'd love to take you out to meet some of my friends, but you know 1L curfew is 10PM, right?"

9. "Here's the criminal law outline I used. If some of it sounds wrong, don't worry. It's not like I went through and changed all of the important words to something else, or anything like that. You mean you didn't know the penalty for burglary is execution by poison dart?"

10. "No, no, no you're SUPPOSED to wear this nametag with your LSAT score on it!"