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Friday, September 19, 2003

From The Smoking Gun [link fixed from before], a law student at Tulane has written up a "request for interview" contract he's sending to firms. It's quite amusing. Check out especially points 8 and 9:

"8. I am utterly unconcerned with having any sort of personal life outside the office.... If my mother's funeral was the day of a key deposition, I would do the eulogy via teleconference after the deposition. If my wedding was on the date of a key trial, the wedding would be postponed...."

"9. If a piece of evidence was accidentally dropped into the garbage, I would have no problem going to the local dump and spending days covered knee-deep in the worst foul-smelling sludge imaginable to search for the evidence."

If this guy gets a job out of this, and he probably will, there's something wrong with the world.