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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I was in the law school cafeteria getting something to eat, and the guy serving the food made polite small talk:

HIM: How's your day going?
ME: Pretty good. How about you.

[Okay, just polite stuff. Figured he'd say "good," give me my food, and I could be on my way.]

HIM: Not so good. Stomach hurts a bit.
ME: Hope not from the food.

[I gestured to the food he was serving me. I thought I was being pretty clever there.]

HIM: Yeah, maybe.


HIM: You know how the chef has to taste everything he cooks. Sometimes when it's not quite cooked. I think maybe that happened.


HIM: So, yeah, my stomach's bothering me a bit. Here's your food.


He should watch out. This is law school, after all. If I get sick from the food, that conversation alone is probably enough for a decent settlement.