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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Law firm receptions are the law student equivalent of "meal replacement bars." Each day this week, there's a law firm on campus, hosting a reception at a Harvard Square restaurant or other food-providing venue, letting students meet with attorneys, and learn more about the firm as we complete our bidding process where we decide which firms to interview with. It's interesting the way the scale balances -- right now, the firms need us to choose them. They want as many Harvard students as they can get to be interested in them, and want to interview with them. So they host nice receptions, and give out nice food, and pens, and frisbees, and highlighters. Then, once we've chosen them, they interview us and the ball is back in their court. From perhaps 48 interviews, a firm might call back 8 students. Obviously this ratio is lower or higher for different firms, but there really aren't any who call back more than half -- and for some, it's a ratio like 99 interviews and 2 callbacks. So they get to be choosy, and we're the ones hoping to be chosen. Then, once everyone finishes interviewing, the ball is back in our court as we (hopefully) have more than one offer, but can only pick one firm to go to. So the leverage switches back. Finally, when we go work there next summer, we're trying to impress them enough that we get a full-time offer. So, once again, we feel the heat, not them. So it's an interesting process, at least from that perspective. What I've found the receptions aren't bad for is trying out things to say in interviews -- what's the reaction like from the lawyers if I talk about this experience, or that experience... not really -- I mean, I don't talk all that much at these things; I'll talk if approached, but I'm uncomfortable really seeking people out and forcing my way into the conversation... but when I do talk, I find it's not as uncomfortable as I might have feared. I can talk reasonably intelligently about law school stuff. I guess. Anyway, the food was great at yesterday's -- it was at Finale, a dessert place -- they had a really, really good spread. Cheesecake, Fruit Tarts, miniature quiche -- not the usual crab cakes and egg rolls. Finale wins points. And, I suppose, the firm wins points for choosing to host it there...