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Friday, September 05, 2003

Steve, a 3L at Ohio State, shares some bad interview advice for 2Ls. My favorite is number three: "Never, ever stop talking." The post right below his interview advice post talks about how he found out one of his professors reads his weblog, and then she asked him about his summer, "before realizing that she already knew how it went." I find that it's of course neat in a lot of ways to find out that people I know read this thing, and, maybe even more so, people I really don't know. But it does kind of leave me with a little bit less to say in person -- I worry a bit that I'm a letdown if someone reads faithfully... I feel a bit of pressure to be "on," to be funny, to be make up new weblog posts on the spot, or I'll be considered an imposter. Sort of. Not really. Just reading Steve's post made me reflect on that a bit. I met a 1L last week at an orientation event who reads this, and I started saying something, and one of my friends I'd been talking to said that it sounded like all of a sudden I was doing "shtick." Which I guess I kind of was. Sorry.