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Thursday, September 11, 2003

This week's Adviser, the newsletter we get to tell us all of the administrative stuff we may or may not need to know -- what the exam deferment policy is, which professors need research assistants, and how to obtain a telemarketing position in the law school's fundraising office, for example this week -- has the following listing:

6:45 PM PON Film Series

I have yet to figure out what PON can possibly mean. I need a glossary.

Moving on to some self-indulgent links:

My latest column from the Sept. 11th Harvard Law Record, about casebooks, interviews, and Warren Christopher. Last week's column from the Record's career guide, which I posted the text of last week, but not the link, about the job search and dress socks. And an article I wrote in last week's Career Guide about students who stayed in Boston for the summer, Boston: Why Leave?

And some non-self-indulgent links:

One of my classmates has a really interesting column in this week's paper about his summer in Africa.

My awesome bankruptcy professor has a new book out called "The Two Income Trap: Why Middle Class Mothers and Fathers are Going Broke." It's a wonderful book, and I'll have a review of it up at some point soon (just read it yesterday), and you can listen to her talking about it on NPR, or you can watch a video of her talking about it on the CBS Early Show (where there's also an excerpt). You could also buy the book, if you're so inclined.