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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Anyone got any questions / thoughts / comments about law school / about anything? One of my friends who's not a law student e-mailed me and said, in part:

"I've just been reading your weblog some for the first time in a while... I think it's really funny how it seems from the
weblog that all you do is go to interviews and think about interviewing... it's just funny picturing you sitting in interviews and waiting in interviews... so much that you're compelled to make fun of interviews in every possible way and in every possible comedic format you can think up."

He's right. I need new inspiration besides these interviews. It's overkill. But because (a) classes are the same as they've been and there's nothing much new to say about them, (b) extracurricular activities are the same as they've been and there's nothing much new to say about them, and (c) I have nothing useful or amusing to say about Iraq, interviews are the "new thing" that I feel compelled to post about. But if I have to write one more "Top Ten Tie Patterns Interviewers Wear... (1) stripes; (2) checks; (3) dollar signs; (4) skull and crossbones; (5) horns and pitchforks; (6) nuclear bomb mushroom clouds; (7) gravestones; (8) brimstone and fire; (9) mini-Saddam Hussein pictures; (10) Kenny from South Park," I don't think I'm justifying my existence.

So if anyone wants to see other stuff, I'm at your mercy. E-mail.

PLUS: Check out this NY Times article about a Mailboxes Etc. employee-by-day, rock-musician-by-night that's pretty interesting.

AND: I read something a few days ago about how the government is spending millions and millions of dollars on advertisements for the new $20 bill. They're spending money to advertise... money. As if they're competing with Canadian currency and wampum and need to increase market share. "I don't know, Bob. They're not spending money like they used to. I saw someone using beads in the local 7-11. I think we need to advertise more." "Yes, John, I think you're right. Let's spend millions of dollars to let people know how cool money is, and all the things you can do with it." "I have a great slogan. Bob. 'Money. It's everywhere you want to be.'" "I think VISA took that one already." "Oh, yeah, you're right." "How about this one? 'The touch, the feel, of money. The fabric of our lives.'" "No, that's cotton." "Oh, whoops." "This is hard. Good thing we have so much money to spend." "We can't spend all of it. We need to save one $20 bill to actually appear in the commercial." "Oh yeah, you're right." "Let's go to lunch." "Okay."