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Monday, October 20, 2003

Henry Kissinger is on The Daily Show right now. He is not that funny. He's talking about his new book, which contains transcripts of conversations he had with world leaders during the 1973 Syria-Egypt-Israel conflict and the 1975 Vietnam-US conflict. Not to take anything away from Dr. Kissinger, but it seems awfully easy to "write" a book that's simply a transcript of his conversations. Since they were all tape-recorded. No, obviously this is interesting stuff to people interested in this stuff. Kobe Bryant is writing a similar book.

[Imagine that right here is a transcript of what a Kobe Bryant conversation would be like. Whatever you can imagine is probably funnier than whatever I can think of, so I won't even try.]

Don Zimmer is writing a similar book too:

DON ZIMMER: "I don't like that Pedro Martinez guy. His head's too small."
YANKEES PITCHING COACH MEL STOTTLEMYRE: "Look at that, Don. Everyone's rushing out on to the field."
DON ZIMMER: "I think I'll go beat up Pedro. Here I come!"
MEL STOTTLEMYRE: "Be careful, Don."
DON ZIMMER: "I hate you, Pedro."
PEDRO MARTINEZ: "Your head is so big."
DON ZIMMER: "All the better to---"
PEDRO MARTINEZ: "Bye, bye, Don."
DON ZIMMER: "I'm rolling--- and I can't get up."

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