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Saturday, October 18, 2003

HLS 1L TJ writes at Undeniable Dilemma about taking on some extracurricular activities:

"Naturally, I'm kinda nervous about devoting enough time [to] class work... if 'enough' is actually attainable. But then again, not that nervous. These are the reasons I came to law school. It'd be terrible for me to forego such pursuits out of fear of getting behind a few days of reading. I think."

I'm just linking because I think he's totally got the right idea. The people I know who don't so much like it here tend to be the ones who don't do all that much outside of class. Just to be around people, to be doing things that aren't about the classes, to be spending time in places other than the library, to have pursuits that don't involve a final exam, to fill days with things other than the cases in your casebooks... I think one of the best things about being a student -- anywhere, studying anything -- is that there are these extracurricular activities, and organized ways to get involved in doing stuff. Does anyone leave school wishing they'd read more? Of course do work. But of course do other stuff too. I'm repeating myself from past posts. But just wanted to link to TJ for another voice on the matter.