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Thursday, October 09, 2003

I was hoping to piggyback on something someone else has written on his or her weblog today, something I disagreed with and could comment on, or agreed with and could comment on... but nothing. So I have no choice but to resort to more haikus.


Did he hear my knock?
It's been almost four minutes
Should I knock again?

Bio on the door
Let me read it carefully
The door opens. Ow.

Here is my transcript
No, don't look at it like that
Should I just leave now?

Not this one again
My thirty-second soundbite
I repeat once more

The hallway's too hot
I don't want to perspire
For once, there's no snow

Do I have questions?
It's not like I had answers
How 'bout I just go?

My resume's creased
That means someone has read it
Or just creased it. Oops.

Glasses or lose them?
A larger sample size and
I could answer that

Don't sit till he does
But what if he never sits?
That is the question