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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Now that baseball's regular season has ended, I find myself with 15 minutes of extra time in the morning that I used to spend setting the lineups for my fantasy baseball teams. I had 7 of them. I finished first in 4 of the leagues. I'm a little obsessed, I know. On that note, one of my friends had a funny idea that I'm stealing. Fantasy baseball season may be over, but Fantasy On-Campus-Interviewing season has just begun. Imagine: students draft their classmates, and earn points based on the number of callbacks, number of offers, etc. Losing points in categories like "mental errors," "firm mix-ups," "suit stains," and "whoops, I forgot to bring a copy of my transcript." Callbacks would be worth more in the standings for students not on law review, or with bad grades, or who drool. Obviously I'm kidding about all of this. But I thought it was an amusing concept. And I'm sad I wasn't actually the one who thought of it.