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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Posting this at a Kinko's in between two callback interviews today. My only day with two. It's a grind. Talking about myself all day. Gosh.

From one interviewer this morning: " son does some writing too. He has some sort of 'blog' or something like that."

Me: "Oh."

And I could have mentioned mine, because I really don't think I have anything on here I have any problem with any of these firms reading. But I figured why bother. I did tell an interviewer he can find my law school newspaper columns on the web if he wants to read them (he asked if I had any samples on me), so he may very well stumble across this if he was actually interested and bothers to search around (if you're reading this, hi! I'm writing this from the Kinko's that's a block away from your office! :). But I'm guessing not. And that's fine too.

Biggest thing I'm taking from these callbacks (besides brochures and NALP reimbursement forms...) is the real difference in "feel" among different places. There's definitely a continuum of intensity, from "a normal, regular workplace" to "this is not your normal workplace. this is a new york law firm." That's not a negative/positive continuum; it just is. More to say when this is all over I guess.

This is costing me 30 cents a minute to type. Making me wonder if it'd be worth 30 cents a minute to read...