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Monday, October 13, 2003

Still interviews. There's two main sites for interviews here, The Charles Hotel, and The Inn At Harvard. All of mine have been at the Charles. Until today. When I had one at the Inn. You might be thinking that would make for an exciting change of pace. It didn't.

Still playoffs. Don Zimmer bobblehead dolls should be tomorrow's promotion. Ha. Seriously, it's not like I think Pedro Martinez is a real nice guy, but it was pretty silly for Mr. Zimmer to be running out of the dugout trying to fight him. Not that I think he deserved to be thrown to the ground, but he kind of brought it upon himself. Silly man. Lucky man, in that he didn't get himself really injured.

It's amazing how much time one can waste clicking around on Friendster trying to see if anyone you still keep in touch with keeps in touch with anyone who keeps in touch with anyone who you maybe wish you'd kept in touch with or at least are curious to see if they have a recent photo up. I'm barely on Friendster -- 3 friends have separately "invited" me, and so I signed up and accepted their invites, but it's just those three. I don't really see the complete point of it. But I don't want to let the whole thing pass me by. Kind of like why I vote. Not really. That's a bad and borderline nonsensical metaphor. Sorry.

Ten Places Law Firms Do Not Conduct Interviews

1. Janitor's Closet
2. Inside big vat in which cafeteria cooks soup
3. In the Jewish students association's Sukkah
4. Piano practice room while piano player is practicing
5. Medical center exam room #3
6. Large Pothole on Massachusetts Avenue
7. Inside big electron-spewing laser thing in Science Center
8. Right near big electron-spewing laser thing in Science Center, while it's on and emitting all sorts of nasty stuff
9. On sloped roof of a tall building
10. The second stall from the left