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Saturday, October 25, 2003

This is a really really really interesting article in this weekend's NY Times magazine about how lots of well-educated, smart, driven women are stepping out of the workforce to raise their children, and are finding that life more fulfilling than perhaps working 80 hours a week at a law firm, or becoming a corporate CEO, or running the world.

My reaction to the article: What's wrong with this? They're smart. There's more to life than 80-hour work weeks. I think. I hope. I sometimes wonder why the ideal that's held up for us to strive for involves lots of money, lots of power, lots of responsibility -- but not always lots of fulfillment. It's not work-life balance I'm talking about. It's finding a meaningful life, whatever combination that entails -- finding work that doesn't feel like work, so you're happy to do it; finding life that really makes days worth living. I don't know what the magic combination is, what the answers are -- but at least let's ask the questions. Is a six-figure salary always worth it? Good article. Read the article.