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Monday, October 27, 2003

This post is an exaggeration, and refers to just a small sample of the places I've visited. I'm not intending to generalize, just to note a specific kind of thing that's out there. "I used to have friends, but since I started working here, it's hard to find time, and so I don't really anymore." That's not verbatim at all. But sentiments like that -- I don't think it's a real effective recruiting line for a lawyer to say when he's interviewing someone. These mostly aren't things I've actually heard -- I'm trying to exaggerate for effect here -- but these would be equally ineffective lines. If you're interviewing people, you might want to avoid them:

>"I've only pulled 5 or 6 all-nighters... in the past week."
>"I don't understand work-life balance. Work *is* life. Isn't that enough?"
>"Sure, I don't know how many kids I have. But at least I'm filthy rich."
>"I know my secretary's name. Oh wait, no I don't."
>"I know my wife's name. Oh wait, that was the third wife. What am I on now, six, seven?"
>"You have interests on your resume. You're not planning on doing those things while working here, are you?"
>"You can leave and have dinner with friends. As long as you come back afterwards."
>"I work part-time. 5 days a week, 9 AM - 7 PM. A reduced schedule."
>"We have Broadway tickets. No one's ever been able to get out of work in time to go."
>"Everyone I know who's a lawyer is sad. Here, you'll be no sadder than anywhere else."