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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Another review of Barman (see my review from last Monday) over here at the usually excellent Wings and Vodka. I like his review better than mine, to be honest. He gets at all the stuff that's wrong with it; I spent too much of my review trying to justify why I read the book in one sitting. He also could have paid $10 less than what he did if he'd gotten it on like I did, and that may have made him like it more. I still think there's some good stuff in Barman about taking the bar and going through interviews... but there's way too much filler about the girls who can't keep their hands off of him and the crumbling concrete walls in his apartment.

Also, a real brief comment over at JD2B about "Brush With The Law," which I wrote a little bit about way back here.

And, to complete today's survey of what other people are writing about, Waddling Thunder has a multi-part series on how his interviews went. Especially if you have any interest in working in London, which I believe is in a foreign country somewhere, you should check it out.