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Monday, November 10, 2003

Exams are coming soon! Well, not that soon, but soon enough. Try out these exciting practice exam hypotheticals.

1. Criminal Law. You are a fan of a professional basketball team. After the game, one of their star players (KB) comes up to you and asks you if you would like to accompany him to his hotel room. Events ensue. Should KB go to jail?

2. Civil Procedure. You are driving from New York to California with a young woman trapped in your trunk. She cries out for help at least once in every state you pass. As you reach California, you encounter a newly-elected politician (AS). He opens the trunk. Events ensue. Can the woman sue you in federal court? Can she sue AS in federal court?

3. Constitutional Law. You are a clerk to Justice Thomas. You find a pubic hair on your Coke can. What do you do?

Other random notes on a not-that-exciting day:

1. When I was walking to class today I saw a real live skunk wandering around the campus.
2. I think cauliflower is a strange-looking vegetable.
3. Even though it's a little while (okay, a fairly long while, coming up on 1 AM here...) after midnight, I'm going to change the time on this post to 11:59pm Monday.
4. I am upset that I missed tonight's episode of "Average Joe"