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Sunday, November 02, 2003

I just got back to Cambridge from wherever it was I was for the week (I think I gave it away in Saturday night's mega-post, not that it's really a matter of national security. I mean, if I was interviewing in Dubuque, maybe I'd be giving something away by revealing, but I talked about the nice views from the 57th floor, mentioned some sort of blackout that happened not that long ago, and I took the Delta Shuttle to get there. Even the answers on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" are harder to figure out.). A couple of random notes:

>>On the Delta Shuttle, they gave out "Atkins Breakfast Bars" in lieu of actual food. I don't understand the recent "food in a bar" phenomenon -- PowerBars, Luna Bars, those oddly-conceived milk-and-cereal bars, and now apparently M&M cookie bars that I just saw a commercial for -- since they all taste like densely packed sugar and offer none of the enjoyment that, say, actual food does. If we're transitioning to an "eating solely for nutrition" culture from the much more pleasurable "eating because food tastes good" regime, I want out. This "creamy cinnamon bun" flavored Atkins Bar was truly wretched. It may have been the worst thing I've ever eaten. It was basically a thick layer of solidified yogurt covering a dense and chalky center made of cinnamon, bran, and other assorted brown ingredients. The brown ingredient it tasted like was [censored by the Committee for Polite Language]. If I want nutrients, I'll swallow a vitamin. If I want food, I want actual food. I thought the Atkins Diet was about steak and bacon and sour cream. Not "creamy cinnamon bun" flavored garbage. The rest of the flight was fine. No complaints about the Delta Shuttle except they're giving away nutrient logs instead of actual food.

>>I've been listening to the Phil Collins songs off the new "Brother Bear" soundtrack. And I like them. That's sad, isn't it. "Look Through My Eyes" is catchy stuff.