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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I went to Harvard's "Health Fair" this afternoon. According to the flyer: "Harvest of Health: Harvard Law School Health Fair." It was like a job fair, a room filled with tables, each from a different health service -- physical therapy and orthopedics, pharmacy, dental, skin care, emotional health, primary care medicine, travel health, eye care, nutrition matters, massage therapy, "maximizing your wellness," yoga and meditation, and "Bonus -- Flu Vaccinations." I'm not completely clear on what exactly was being sold or advertised -- I don't think they need a Fair to let me know that if I feel sick I should go to the doctor, and if my teeth hurt, I should go to the dentist. Nevertheless -- there was lots and lots of free stuff there, so it was very very cool. They had a table at the entrance -- "complimentary pumpkins -- take one." So now I have a pumpkin. It's kind of moldy. I guess it didn't go to the doctor. Lesson learned. There was a "make your own trail mix" table with raisins, M&Ms, brown sugar, granola, and pumpkin seeds. There was a popcorn machine and little cups of popcorn. There were Halloween cookies and candy corn (real healthy, that candy corn -- great for teeth!). There was hot apple cider. They gave out all sorts of stuff too -- earplugs (for exams?), eyeglass cleaning cloth, stress ball, bag of granola, travel toothbrush, rain poncho, cough drops, mouth guard, chapstick, a band-aid dispenser, and a pen. Again, I don't know what they were selling, or why this event was necessary -- but I give it an A+ for the free food, and an A++ for the free giveaways. Whatever they intended to accomplish by doing this, I hope they decide to do it again soon. This is what my tuition dollars are paying for.