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Saturday, November 01, 2003

It still feels odd to me that now, less than two months into year 2 of law school, pretty much everyone has a job in place for when we graduate, barring any terrible summer experience. That's a long time to not have to read for class. :) No, I'll read for class. Really, I will.

Speaking of terrible summer experiences, I came across a very funny post from Infirmation's Greedy Associates lawyer message board as I was researching firms, titled "20+ examples of what not to do.". See it here. The highlights (some editing for clarity and grammar):

3. Drunken belligerent [summer associate] that picked fight at Yankees game which resulted in other participant's arrest and subsequent beating by NYC's finest.

5. [Summer associate]. Choked another associate at firm softball or basketball game.

8. [Summer associate]. During his summer, when he asked what it would take not to get a permanent offer at end of summer, was told that he "would have to suffer a mental breakdown." Proceeded to have mental breakdown. Was found sleeping under his desk at night and aimlessly wandering streets during the day when he was supposed to be at work.

9. [Summer associate] accepted offer at two firms in NYC. However, he did not inform firms that he was splitting his summer. Each day, he would alternate between the two offices and would check his messages from the other firm. Eventually the firms caught on and he got fired from both offices.

11. Moo Shoo girl. At lunch on callback interview, mistook a moo shoo pancake as a hand towel and proceeded to wipe her face in front of startled associates. Did not receive offer. Mid 90s.

21. [Associate] was caught masturbating in a conference room by some poor cleaning lady who ran screaming for security.