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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

"The library's closed over Thanksgiving weekend? That sucks!"

According to the law school's weekly newsletter about campus goings-on, the library will be closed next Thursday through Saturday. That stinks. Because I was planning on spending my entire Thanksgiving weekend reading old copies of the Hastings Law Journal and catching up on my Lexis research. How dare they close the library. With only 60 hours of open-library time that week, there won't be enough hours to finish my reading!

Anyway... other things from this week's newsletter:

1. Drop-In Times for "Ask the Dietitian" -- Are you interested in improving your overall nutrition? The Nutrition Service at Harvard University Health Services is excited to offer this new option for students.

>>Yeah, um, thanks. Good thing you didn't use the money this is costing to, I don't know, improve the cafeteria food...

2. HLS Veterans Association Magazine/Book Drive -- Our servicemen and servicewomen would greatly appreciate new materials to read in their downtime.

>>Hmmm... I can go two ways with this joke. Either "I bet they'd love some porn" or "Do they really want old copies of the Technology Law Journal to keep them company in Iraq?"

3. Professor seeks part-time office help... answering phones, filing, typing... please send a brief description of your qualifications...

>>My *qualifications* ?? Maybe I'm overestimating my fellow students, but are there any law students NOT qualified to file and type? Come on...

4. Lost: Bookbag -- "Contents more important than the (expensive) bag"

>>Return it because I am (filthy) rich.

5. The Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy is soliciting articles...

>>I'm guessing there's no cash prize.

6. 2L/3L add/drop requests "can be e-mailed... only on dates that the Registrar's Office is open for business."

>>This kind of understanding of how information technologies work is why we can't get our grades online, isn't it?

7. Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Thanksgiving Potluck... e-mail for ideas for animal-free dishes

>>Uh, I think that would be -- EVERYTHING BUT THE TURKEY. Seriously, right?