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Friday, November 21, 2003

A long article in this week's NY Times Magazine about internet dating sites. It's a balanced article -- not saying these sites are great or awful, but that they exist and all sorts of people are on there. I could go for an easy joke here, probably involving Michael Jackson; I could try something more ambitious, like fake profiles for a bunch of law student personality types (and, in fact, I'll probably try that later and see what happens); or I could make this one of those posts where I tell you actually how I feel about something and aren't necessarily trying to be funny but use the word "peanut butter" somewhere in there for a laugh. Read the article; take a little nap; when you come back before the night is over there'll be something here, either trying to be funny or not, depending on how quickly the Robitussin I just took kicks in and stops my nose from running.

(There's also a really interesting article about John Edwards and behind-the scenes preparing for one of the Democratic debates. I like this kind of stuff. Once again, the NY Times Magazine stopping me from doing real work. Cool.