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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

This is what I do with my Con Law book instead of reading it...

"They Didn't Get Elected" (The Supreme Court Justice song)
to the tune of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire"

Potter Stewart, William Day
John Paul Stevens, Horace Gray
David Souter, Stephen Breyer, Robert O. Grier

Fred M. Vinson, Nathan Clifford
Harry Blackmun, not Frank Gifford
Rutledge twice; second time just for one year

Henry Brown, William Strong
Brennan served for very long
Brandeis, and Byron White
Clarence Thomas is far right

Joseph Story, John McLean
William Taft was not so lean
Rufus Peckham, Mahlon Pitney, Benjamin Cardozo

They didn't get elected
Presidents appointed
And for life anointed
They didn't get elected
But they hear objections
And decide elections

William Cushing, Joe Lamar
John Jay didn't drive a car
Sherman Minton, not Bill Clinton
Salmon P. Chase

James Wayne, Tom Todd
John M. Harlan twice, that's odd
Arthur Goldberg, William Douglas heard the same case

Al Moore, Stan Reed, each heard nervous lawyers plead
Bader Ginsburg, John H. Clarke
Robert Trimble made no mark

Ward Hunt, Fortas too, Day O'Connor, one day you?
Wendell Holmes used moustache combs
David Davis was fat


George Shiras, Gabe Duval, Kennedy seems kind of tall
Frankfurter, Antonin, Blair was judge when court begin

Noah Swayne, Harlan Stone, Hugo Black didn't serve alone
Earl Warren, Livingston, take a breath we're almost done

Philip Barbour, James F. Byrnes, when they question take their turns
Peter Daniel, John Catron, William Cushing's long been gone

James McReynolds, Morris Waite, Roger Taney not so great
Henry Brockholst Livingston, justices are so much fun!


Even when they're gone
Their decisions all live on, and on, and on...