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Monday, December 01, 2003

Exams here come in 3 varieties, or at least 3 varieties I know of: the 3-hour in-class, the 8-hour take-home (pick it up at 8:30, hand it in at 4:30), and the hybrid (an hour in class and then six hours at home). I like the 3-hour variety best, just because it's shorter. All 3 of my exams this semester are 8-hour varieties, next Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (fun week).

I'd like to lobby for a new variety:

The 39-day Exam Survivor Challenge

DAY 1: They blindfold the class and take us on a boat, with just the clothes on our back (and our laptops with wireless Internet). We sail to a remote outpost of Madagascar and disembark, where we are faced with an instant elimination challenge. 10 multiple choice questions about the federal rules of evidence. The bottom 10% get C's and are fed to the piranhas. The rest of us are given some tools and told to build a big teepee. This will be our home for the next 38 days, or until we are eliminated.

--more tomorrow--