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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

forty minutes until i pick up my first of three eight-hour exams this week
fifty minutes until i read the first question
fifty-two minutes until i panic
fifty-five minutes until my first of fourteen bathroom breaks
fifty-eight minutes until i read the question again
one hour and two minutes until i vomit
one hour and six minutes until i realize i've vomited on the exam and can't read the question
one hour and nine minutes until i run out of paper towel cleaning it up
one hour and nineteen minutes until i return from the store with more paper towel
one hour and twenty-six minutes until i read the question again
one hour and forty-five minutes until i start to outline
two hours and fifteen minutes until i take my lunch break at 10 AM
three hours until i realize i'm eight percent with the exam and have used up thirty percent of my time
three hours and fifteen minutes until i cry
three hours and twenty minutes until the ink runs on the exam from my tears and i can't read the question
four hours until i accidentally fall asleep during question three
five hours until i panic
six hours until i cry again
seven hours until i start to print my answers
seven hours and one minute until my printer gets stuck
seven hours and fifteen minutes until my printer gets unstuck
eight hours until i fall in the snow on the way to hand the exam in
eight hours and forty-one minutes until i hand the exam in one minute late and fail the class