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Sunday, December 07, 2003

Google searches that have brought people to this site in the past 24 hours:

>>"Bankruptcy exam answers"
>>"Free short outlines"
>>"Model Penal Code"
>>"Billy Joel hobbies"
>>"Medic alert keychain"

I wish I could help with #1, don't really have much of selection with #2 (although someone did e-mail me last week asking if I'd e-mail her my crim outline from last year...), sold back my casebook that had #3, have no idea about #4 although I imagine that reading my weblog isn't one of them, and really hope that whoever was looking for #5 wasn't too upset by what he or she found here instead.

On that note...

Top five Google searches by law students nationwide:

1. "Answers to my upcoming exam" and "that none of my classmates can find"
2. "Default on your student loans" and "legally"
3. "Evidence professor" and "naked"
4. "Britney Spears" and "wishes she was dating a law student"
5. "Legal ethics class" and "free term papers"