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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Law Professors
(that you can buy on the Internet)

Professor Civil Procedure
>"Class Action" (Movie, 1990, $4.99 used on VHS). Click here.
> Antique Ruler (for all those rules) ($27.00) Click here.
> Miniature lighted county courthouse ($43). Click here.

Professor Criminal Law
> Original 1962 Model Penal Code ($40) and a selection of commentaries (recently discounted -- really). Click here.
> Coin-operated electric chair. Click here to buy.Or here for more info.
> A gun. Click here.

Professor Constitutional Law
> Supreme Court Paper Dolls ($23.99) Click here.
>"Music to Download Pornography" ($13.99) Click here.
> Constitution Poster (13.60 Euros) Click here.

Professor Torts
> Body armor (to avoid injury) ($350 and up) Click here.
> Or, a helmet ($65 and up) Click here.
> Empire Torte ($44.99 small, $69.99 large) Click here.

Professor Contracts
>"Got Chickens?" mug (recall the Frigaliment case about what is a chicken) ($6.95) Click here.
> UCC T-shirt (10 Euros) Click here.
>"Mere Puff" (recall: ...when is someone not held to a promise? when it's mere puff...) ($24.95) Click here.