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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

A quick note -- I'm heading to the airport to visit a cousin in Paris for a week (...I feel kind of weird saying I'm going to Paris... makes me sound much more, uh, cultured than I actually am... I haven't been to all that many foreign places... but he invited me to visit, and it seems cool, and I found a $300 flight, so why not...). He's got Internet access, so I expect I should be able to post as usual, but just in case you wonder why I'm posting at 4 AM, or if I miss a day because I'm waiting in line to see the Eiffel Tower, you'll know why. Actually, if I have any readers in Paris (sure...), I'd love to know what the cool stuff to see and do (and eat) is that isn't the obvious stuff in the guidebooks (the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre... although I don't have the patience for art museums..., the Leaning Tower of-- oops, wrong country).

PS -- Just in case I can't get to a computer to post, I've pre-loaded the system and set up Blogger to post something fresh each day at noon for the week I'll be gone. A 6-part series on traditional 1L classes. Nothing hilarious, but maybe useful for any 1Ls-to-be that are reading. Part 6 is funnier than part 1, just because I got sort of bored while writing them and had to amuse myself.