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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Upcoming law-related movies and TV:


Julia Roberts stars in a brand-new film, "Mona Lisa Copyright Infringement." In this thriller, Roberts paints a beautiful picture of the Mona Lisa, and then is shocked to discover someone already painted it, hundreds of years ago. Oops! A worldwide manhunt ends with Roberts discovered in a six-to-eight foot spider hole with ventilation deep in the farmlands of Iraq, with a shaggy beard. DNA evidence proves it is her, and she is tried in an international criminal tribunal for her copyright violations. Co-starring Judge Judy, who hopefully will also be starring in the Saddam Hussein trial, if the U.S. government has any idea what makes good international war crime tribunal television.

Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear star in the brand new comedy, "Stuck On Rule 501," a rip-roaringly hilarious story about the Federal Rules of Evidence. As Siamese twins, the court is forced to ask whether it's really hearsay if there's no doubt the witness was right there at the scene! Hijinks ensue.


"Will a beautiful supermodel find love in a Sears Prize winner, or will she settle for an average-grades Joe?" That's the question that NBC asks in season two of "Average Joe: Joe goes to law school." Sixteen B-students compete for the heart of a beautiful woman who scored a 120 on the LSAT. But when three former Sears Prize winners are added to the mix, who will she choose? Watch as the contestants compete for her love in moot court!

And then there's the new "Tracy Morgan Show," which is just criminally bad.