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Friday, December 12, 2003

You may have heard about the Paris Hilton video, but I bet you haven't heard about this one...

Harvard Law Review Sex Video Making Rounds On Internet
Associated Press

The prestigious Harvard Law Review reportedly has a sex video making rounds on the Internet.

In a statement issued to The Associated Press, the Vice President of the century-old legal publication based at Harvard Law School said he was embarrassed and humiliated, for himself and for the entire organization, and never expected the video that was made for private use at the Review's 23rd annual Winter Sex Party would ever become public.

"I feel ashamed, especially because my parents, my professors, and my friends have now all seen me naked," he said in a statement.

The Law Review made the video last week at the annual Sex Party, a celebration traditionally held after the December issue finishes production, the culmination of weeks of long hours, grueling work, and compulsive footnote-checking. The Social Chair is typically in charge of purchasing supplies for the party: drinks, snacks, and, in this case, a camcorder, tripod, and a blank Sony VHS cassette. It is unclear how the tape found itself in the hands of major media outlets, but since rumors of the tape began last week, the video has made its way onto the Internet and is now the fourth most popular Blockbuster rental.

Lawsuits from fourteen different parties have resulted since word of the sex tape surfaced, including from the Law Review's faculty advisor, who claims emotional distress from coming home one day to find his wife watching him and the eighty-six members of the Law Review engaged in a wild sex romp on the third floor of the Law School library.

One thing that has surprised watchers of the video is how the Law Review was able to hold such a wildly successful sex party when the Review is made up of 65 men and just 18 women. Reportedly, the third-year males had first pick, and the second-year students just had to "make do with whoever was left -- girl, guy, or legal dictionary," said the Review's Recording Secretary.

On the tape, moans can be heard from all directions, as well as the names of no less than eleven Supreme Court justices, including Justices Rehnquist, Scalia, O'Connor, and Frankfurter.

Five members of the Law Review have already accepted offers to pose for PlayLaw magazine. The school is reportedly investigating the party to ensure that all Massachusetts laws regarding Sex Parties were complied with.