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Monday, December 22, 2003

You'll notice I posted a Top 10 List this morning trying to somehow connect France to Law School. So if the Paris reports aren't really your cup of tea (cup of the, in part-French), hopefully that (along with my daily 100 words about 1L classes) will keep you from being too annoyed at all the Paris talk. Only 2 more days of Paris and then I have some year-end stuff in mind I'm playing with.

Today's observations:

1. Best evidence to check what the name of your shoe company means in another language before putting up a big sign advertising it: "Brothel Creeps shoes." Really. Brothel creeps. I wish I'd had a camera.

2. Best evidence to check what the name of your toilet company means in your own language before writing it on your toilet: "Eclair" was the name of the manufacturer of one toilet I used today. My immediate thought: [juvenile humor warning] I hesitate to ask what that would make a chocolate eclair...

2A. More toilet humor. Note that toilet = bathroom here. My cousin, who's from France, told me that if I was thirsty I could just get some water from the toilet. She meant well.

3. I made Santa angry today. I was looking around a gourmet food store (art museums I hate, but I can spend a half hour walking around looking at food...) and there was a man dressed as Santa handing out a small free gift to customers. He passed me twice and gave me nothing. The third time I pointed and looked at him. He said something in French. I shrugged. He gave me one, but said some more things in French that sounded rude. Oh well.

4. I made a cheese store employee angry today. I walked into the cheese store, she said Bonjour, I said Bonjour, I realized the store wasn't that interesting, and I left. She came after me and said something in French. I said I didn't understand. She said she wanted to know if I needed any help. I said no, just looking. She muttered something in French that sounded rude. Oh well. I didn't do anything wrong, I don't think.

5. I looked in a music store today (the theme of my day -- looking in stores -- is becoming pretty apparent, isn't it) where they had $5 CDs. But these were not normal CDs. They were all "Britney Spears songs as sung by Maria Smith, or some name that sounds much more European than that. They had CDs like that for Britney, Christina Aguilera, U2, The Four Tops, the Bee Gees, Little Richard, Westlife, Robbie Williams, and more. If they'd been $1 I probably would have bought one just out of curiosity. My curiosity wasn't worth $5 though.

6. I went into a bakery and asked for an olive roll. The man put it in a bag and gave it to the woman at the register. She looked inside and said something, and I just nodded, and she gave it back to the man and he put a different roll in. And I paid. My first thought was that she'd seen some mold or something and was giving me a new one, which didn't sound very appetizing at all. But then I started eating it and realized it had nuts, not olives. So, I surmise: she must have said to me, "roll with nuts," and I nodded, and then she told the man he'd given me a roll with olives, not nuts, and so he switched it. So, because I nodded, I ended up with a roll I didn't want. Oh well. Just a roll.

7. But speaking of olives, another store I went in (yes, this really is all I did today -- walked around parks, and went into stores -- and got completely lost in the Latin Quarter and not even my map could save me until I stumbled across a Metro station about a mile away from the one I thought I was near) had samples out of chocolate covered olives. That sounds gross, and I doubted it when I saw the sign, even though the word for olive is "olive," but it was actually not bad. Really.