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Friday, January 30, 2004

Ack, this Blogmadness blog contest is a pain. I didn't realize it's like 8 rounds before there's a winner. I won the first round pretty handily (thanks to anyone who voted); I don't feel all that compelled to win any more rounds, because I feel pretty stupid asking someone to vote in round after round after round. So the link is there but don't worry about it; if you're going to spend 10 seconds devoting your goodwill to me, I'd rather you e-mail me to say you like what I write or you e-mail a friend and tell them to read my site than you go vote in another round of this thing. I mean, go vote if you want, but don't feel like I will be at all bothered if you don't. voting link. (And if you go vote, you should probably read the other guy's post and make sure you like me more, just to be fair...)