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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Apparently I'm Instapundit. Someone, I assume a reader, just sent me a link to a story saying Bin Laden's been captured according to a German newspaper. Here's the link. No idea if it's legitimate or not. (UPDATE: Here's a link saying it's false -- thanks to another reader) The e-mail I got was just the link, with the subject line "Bin Laden reported captured...." I figured 50/50 chance it was going to lead to a porn site, but whatever, any e-mail is good e-mail when you should be studying for an exam.

I also received an e-mail the other day, again I guess from a reader, that said this:

I am freelance journalist from [foreign city], who want to write serial of magazine articles about writers of some US disaster - blockbusters. I have found some sources over Internet about some such a movies and their screenwriters.

Please if you can send to me short information, which US and International rules or Law articles regulated moving (transfer) of the law case arised and filed in Europen court, to the proper US court, under assumption that both those courts have the same jurisdiction regarding such a law case.

I need those information because of writing one magazine article about writing some blockbusters US produced movies in the last 10 years.

I hope he's not writing his magazine article in English... naw, seriously I'd be delighted to help him, but beats me if I know what he's looking for.