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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Fun with Anagrams.

Howard Dean, describing what happened in Iowa: A Hard End. Ow.
Howard Dean, after hearing about the demise of a poor swimmer: Drowned! Aha!
Howard Dean, on what he would do first as President: End A War! D'oh!
Howard Dean, telling Oprah what he wishes would happen to his campaign: Awarded NH, O.
Howard Dean, on what his next step is after Iowa: Head Onward

Al Sharpton, on who he won't stop until he's helped: Last Orphan
Al Sharpton, on that itching sensation he's been having on a mysteriously ambiguous body part: Pontal Rash
Al Sharpton, on what he left behind during his European vacation: Trash on Alp

John Kerry, on what his staffers think of him: Horny Jerk
John Kerry, on the mistake he made in bed with his wife last night: John Err KY

Joe Lieberman, on a recent traumatic experience at a campaign stop: Albino Jeer Me
Joe Lieberman, on what happened when the buffet opened while he was giving a speech: Major Beeline

Wes Clark, on what he did before entering the Presidential race: Was Clerk

Dennis Kucinich, on where you can find out more about his trips to the Midwest and Canada: Check DUI In IN, NS

[Apologies to Edwards supporters: all of the anagrams of his name happen to be offensive to a particular group (seriously), so I thought it best to avoid them.]